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vendredi 9 octobre 2015, par Sebastien Janel

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Atomic Force Microscopy

A combined computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and experimental approach to quantify the adhesion force of bacterial cells attached to a plane surface. Boulbene, B., Morchain, J., Bonin, M. M., Janel, S., Lafont, F., and Schmitz, P. (2012). AIChE J.

Cellular Dewetting : Opening of Macroapertures in Endothelial Cells. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, D., Maddugoda, M., Stefani, C., Janel, S., Lafont, F., Cuvelier, D., Lemichez, E., and Brochard-Wyart, F. (2011). Physical Review Letters Vol.108 (21), p. 218105.

Photonic Microscopy

Toxoplasma Sortilin-like Receptor Regukates Protein Transport and Is Essential for Apical Secretory Organelle Biogenesis and Host Infection. Sloves, PJ., Delhaye, S., Mouveaux, T., Werkmeister, E., Slomianny, C., Hovasse, A., Dilezitoko Alayi, T., Callebaut, I., Gaji, RY., Schaeffer-Reiss, C., Van Dorsselear, A., Carruthers, VB., Tomavo, S. (2012). Cell Host & Microbe.

Plasmodium falciparum inhibitor-3 homolog increases protein phosphatase type 1 activity and is essential for parasitic survival. Fréville A, Landrieu I, García-Gimeno MA, Vicogne J, Montbarbon M, Bertin B, Verger A, Kalamou H, Sanz P, Werkmeister E, Pierrot C, Khalife J. J Biol Chem. 2012 Jan 6 ;287(2):1306-21.

Generalization of the polar representation in time domain fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for biological applications : practical implementation. Leray A, Spriet C, Trinel D, Usson Y, Héliot L. J Microsc. 2012 Oct ;248(1):66-76.

Interleukin-7 regulates adipose tissue mass and insulin sensitivity in high-fat diet-fed mice through lymphocyte-dependent and independent mechanisms. Lucas S, Taront S, Magnan C, Fauconnier L, Delacre M, Macia L, Delanoye A, Verwaerde C, Spriet C, Saule P, Goormachtigh G, Héliot L, Ktorza A, Movassat J, Polakowska R, Auriault C, Poulain-Godefroy O, Di Santo J, Froguel P, Wolowczuk I. PLoS One. 2012 ;7(6)

Impairment of GABAB receptor dimer by endogenous 14-3-3ζ in chronic pain conditions. Laffray S, Bouali-Benazzouz R, Papon MA, Favereaux A, Jiang Y, Holm T, Spriet C, Desbarats P, Fossat P, Le Feuvre Y, Decossas M, Héliot L, Langel U, Nagy F, Landry M. EMBO J. 2012 Aug 1 ;31(15):3239-51.

A Rab11A/myosin Vb/Rab11-FIP2 complex frames two late recycling steps of langerin from the ERC to the plasma membrane. Gidon A, Bardin S, Cinquin B, Boulanger J, Waharte F, Heliot L, de la Salle H, Hanau D, Kervrann C, Goud B, Salamero J. Traffic. 2012 Jun ;13(6):815-33.

Electronic Microscopy

Opening up the advantages of the ruthenocenic bioprobes of ferroquine : distribution and localization in Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes. Biot, C., Dubar, F., Khalife, J. et Slomianny, C. (2012). Metallomics 4(8) : 780-783.

Morphological and functional characterization of leech circulating blood cells : role in immunity and neural repair. Boidin-Wichlacz, C., Vergote, D., Slomianny, C., Jouy, N., Salzet, M. et Tasiemski, A. (2012). Cell Mol Life Sci 69(10) : 1717-1731.

In situ nanochemical imaging of label-free drugs : a case study of antimalarials in Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes. Dubar, F., Bohic, S., Slomianny, C., Morin, J. C., Thomas, P., Kalamou, H., Guerardel, Y., Cloetens, P., Khalife, J. et Biot, C. (2012). Chem Commun (Camb) 48(6) : 910-912.

Functional intestinal stem cells after Paneth cell ablation induced by the loss of transcription factor Math1 (Atoh1). Durand, A., Donahue, B., Peignon, G., Letourneur, F., Cagnard, N., Slomianny, C., Perret, C., Shroyer, N. F. et Romagnolo, B. (2012). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109(23) : 8965-8970.

Role of mechanical vs. chemical action in the removal of adherent Bacillus spores during CIP procedures. Faille, C., Benezech, T., Blel, W., Ronse, A., Ronse, G., Clarisse, M. et Slomianny, C. (2013). Food Microbiol 33(2) : 149-157.

Toxoplasma Sortilin-like Receptor Regulates Protein Transport and Is Essential for Apical Secretory Organelle Biogenesis and Host Infection. Sloves, P. J., Delhaye, S., Mouveaux, T., Werkmeister, E., Slomianny, C., Hovasse, A., Dilezitoko Alayi, T., Callebaut, I., Gaji, R. Y., Schaeffer-Reiss, C., Van Dorsselear, A., Carruthers, V. B. et Tomavo, S. (2012). Cell Host Microbe 11(5) : 515-527.

Interaction of HmC1q with leech microglial cells : involvement of C1qBP-related molecule in the induction of cell chemotaxis. Tahtouh, M., Garcon-Bocquet, A., Croq, F., Vizioli, J., Sautiere, P. E., Van Camp, C., Salzet, M., Nagnan-le Meillour, P., Pestel, J. et Lefebvre, C. (2012). J Neuroinflammation 9 : 37.

Mapping the expressed glycome and glycosyltransferases of zebrafish liver cells as a relevant model system for glycosylation studies. Vanbeselaere, J., Chang, L. Y., Harduin-Lepers, A., Fabre, E., Yamakawa, N., Slomianny, C., Biot, C., Khoo, K. H. et Guerardel, Y. (2012). J Proteome Res 11(4) : 2164-2177.

Flux Cytometry

Key role for respiratory CD103+ dendritic cells, IFN-g and IL-17 in protection against Streptococcus pneumoniae infection in response to a-galactosylceramide. Ivanov, S., J. Fontaine, C. Paget, E. Macho Fernandez, L. Van Maele, J. Renneson, I. Maillet, N. Munoz Wolf, A. Rial, E. Léger, B. Ryffel, B. Frisch, J. A. Chabalgoity, J. C. Sirard, A. Benecke, C. Faveeuw, and F. Trottein. 2012. J Infect Dis in press.

Interleukin-22 Is Produced by Invariant Natural Killer T Lymphocytes during Influenza A Virus Infection : POTENTIAL ROLE IN PROTECTION AGAINST LUNG EPITHELIAL DAMAGES. Paget, C., S. Ivanov, J. Fontaine, J. Renneson, F. Blanc, M. Pichavant, L. Dumoutier, B. Ryffel, J. C. Renauld, P. Gosset, P. Gosset, M. Si-Tahar, C. Faveeuw, and F. Trottein. 2012. J Biol Chem 287:8816-8829.

Morphological and functional characterization of leech circulating blood cells : role in immunity and neural repair. Boidin-Wichlacz C, Vergote D, Slomianny C, Jouy N, Salzet M, Tasiemski A. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2012 ;69(10):1717-31.

Involvement of a common progenitor cell in core binding factor acute myeloid leukaemia associated with mastocytosis. Cornet E, Dumézy F, Roumier C, Lepelley P, Jouy N, Philippe N, Renneville A, Berthon C, Nelken B, Quesnel B, Preudhomme C. Leuk Res. 2012 ;36(11):1330-3.

GILZ inhibits the mTORC2/AKT pathway in BCR-ABL(+) cells. Joha S, Nugues AL, Hétuin D, Berthon C, Dezitter X, Dauphin V, Mahon FX, Roche-Lestienne C, Preudhomme C, Quesnel B, Idziorek T (2012). Oncogene. 31(11):1419-30.

Influence of mitochondrial membrane potential of spermatozoa on in vitro fertilization outcome.Marchetti P, Ballot C, Jouy N, Thomas P, Marchetti C. Andrologia. 2012 ;44(2):136-41.

The PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway Controls the Quiescence of the Low-Rhodamine123-Retention Cell Compartment Enriched for Melanoma Stem Cell Activity. Touil Y, Zuliani T, Wolowczuk I, Kuranda K, Prochazkova J, Andrieux J, Le Roy H, Mortier L, Vandomme J, Jouy N, Masselot B, Ségard P, Quesnel B, Formstecher P, Polakowska R. Stem Cells. 2012 ;31(4):641-51.

High-Content Screening

Discovery of novel N-phenylphenoxyacetamide derivatives as EthR inhibitors and ethionamide boosters by combining high-throughput screening and synthesis. Flipo M, Willand N, Lecat-Guillet N, Hounsou C, Desroses M, Leroux F, Lens Z, Villeret V, Wohlkonig A, Wintjens R, Christophe T, Kyoung Jeon H, Locht C, Brodin P, Baulard AR, Deprez B. (2012). J Med Chem 55(14) 6391-6402

Ethionamide boosters. 2. Combining bioisosteric replacement and structure-based drug design to solve pharmacokinetic issues in a series of potent 1,2,4-oxadiazole EthR inhibitors. Flipo M, Desroses M, Lecat-Guillet N, Villemagne B, Blondiaux N, Leroux F, Piveteau C, Mathys V, Flament MP, Siepmann J, Villeret V Wohlkönig A, Wintjens R, Soror SH, Christophe T, Jeon HK, Locht C, Brodin P, Déprez B, Baulard AR, Willand N. J Med Chem 55(1):68-83 .