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AxioImager Z1 Apotome

Friday 18 July 2014, by Antonino Bongiovanni

Fully motorized system for epifluorescence and structured illumination imaging of slides.

This fully motorized system allows for fluorescence imaging of slides. It is equipped with filter sets (DAPI, CFP, GFP, Texas Red and Cy5) and the FluoArc system, which regulates the mercury lamp power. The additional ApoTome module enables structured illumination of the specimen to acquire deblurred images. The microscope is combined with a Zeiss AxioCam MRm (12 bits, 24 MHz) monochrome camera and AxioVision acquisition software. Advanced functions include z-stacks and time series acquisitions as well as a deconvolution process from stack images. 63x and 100x objectives also enable DIC imaging.

Available objectives: 5x (air), 10x (air), 20x (air), 40x (oil), 63x (oil), 100x (oil).

Contact: Antonino BONGIOVANNI

Available filter sets:

Filter Set 43 - DsRed:

Filter Set 49 - DAPI:

Filter Set 47 - CFP:

Filter Set 50 - Cy5:

Filter Set 38HE - eGFP:

Zeiss ApoTome Module
AxioImager Aptome start-up and extinction
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